Why join a Carecell?

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Why join a Carecell?

Last week we looked at 5 parts of a Carecell meeting to understand what happens in a Carecell. Today we will look at how Carecell helps you to grow in your spiritual life, as you become a part of it. 

Carecell ministry helps achieve the purpose of the Church. The purpose of the Church is to Win the Lost and Make Disciples.  The entire ministry is pitched in this direction.

The main focus of the Carecell ministry therefore is focused on becoming disciples and making disciples. It's the same as the mechanism of a cell in a human body. The live cell grows and multiplies. The dead cell decays. The word Care in the Carecell is an acronym of Care And Relate to Everyone. 

Carecell is a great blessing to both the leader and the members. We realize every part helps you to grow and be nurtured in Him. We will now see the dual blessing of a Carecell:

1. To Become a Disciple 2. To Make Disciples 

1. To Become a Disciple:  Carecell helps in making relational disciples. The method that is followed is in 2 Timothy 2:2 -

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

The leader nurtures the chosen members spiritually by investing in them their time and guidance. The members learn to worship the Lord, pray for each other (learn to look beyond themselves) learn to care and fellowship with each other. The fellowship helps them understand that they are not isolated but they have a family to lean on even as they learn to care for others. The Bible discussion helps you to be grounded in the Word, which is so vital for a disciple. By praying for each other you learn to discern the gifts that God has bestowed on you. The more you learn to care for others; you realize you are growing to become His true disciple.


2. Make Disciples: Have you ever wondered what you can do for the Lord? You desire to do something but do not know how to. Then you need to join a Carecell. The nurturing care and growth that you experience in the Carecell helps you to not just enjoy but prepares you to become a Leader.  When your leader realizes you are ready to take on the responsibility, you are released to start a new cell group after the required training. You begin to replicate what your leader did for you in others. That is the whole working of a live cell! That’s what makes this ministry so Biblical and vital to the growth of the church. 

Here are two testimonies to encourage you....

  1. Abhimanue & Thrishna Reddy, (Carecell Leader)  -  

Growing up in families that didn't know Jesus, Thrish and I would feel the most lonely during Christmas and Easter! We would long for fellowship! Our Carecell filled that void. Today, for us it's a place we call Home (away from home), with friends we call family...

2. A Carecell member – Praveen & Girisha David

Carecell is a place where we share our stories and not fear that we will be judged. When we listen to others about what God has done for them, we are encouraged and reminded that God is in control. We are not the only ones facing a battle. Over a period of time, we developed a more personal relationship with other members to whom we can reach out for prayer and support.

Do you want to be part of this whole process of Discipleship? 

Come join a Carecell.

Contact us at 08418-668803 to know how to be part of a cell.

Our goal is to learn to know JESUS CHRIST better, discover what it means to be his disciple, and then entrust the knowledge to others who will in turn be qualified to teach others.