We Care to Connect

Posted by:clifford


Today is Carecell Sunday! We are excited about it!! This Sunday is a reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness in this ministry of our Church. The Carecell ministry was started more than two decades ago by our founding Pastors, Earl and Arlene Stubbs, following the Biblical example of meeting at homes. Jesus ministered in homes at least 19 times in the New Testament. The early Church too followed His example and met in homes. Over the years the Carecell ministry of our Church has built and nurtured many lives. 

In the last three weeks we have read through these columns, the need for fellowship and the role of the Carecells to fulfil that need. We have also read what a carecell is and what happens in a carecell. 

A Carecell is simply a small group of caring friends who will encourage you in life and your walk with God....

Carecells help you make friends for life and at the same time helps you to remain connected to our greatest friend, Lord Jesus... Not just that...It makes you a disciple and then transforms you into a ‘disciple maker’.

Now is the time! Arise and Walk into a Carecell! 

Carecells need you and I believe you need them too!

Let us hear from a few members of different Carecells their experience...

1.My Spiritual Care is just a Carecell away!!!- Beulah, Ramrajnagar Carecell

2. Learning - Moving on - Connecting - Growing - Catalyzed by being care celled! –Swaroopa,  Sector C, AWHO Carecell

3. Those Wednesday nights have been a constant source of love, encouragement and God's wisdom for years now. Certainly, stuck closer than a brother! - David & Veda, Kondapur Carecell 

4.Carecell - A place where you can be yourself, study the word, and see God change your life - Malcome Wolfe, Kowkoor Carecell

5. As for me the carecell stands in the gap, to comfort, care and pray- a real fellowship indeed - Roland Johns, Attapur Carecell 

6. When we meet together as a carecell, there's spiritual growth, encouragement & upliftment of one another - Narsinga Bobbili & Humabati, Old Alwal Carecell

7. Our's is a praying, caring and nurturing Carecell, teaching us to live a Bible-based life in this contemporary world -  Shirly Priscilla, Somajiguda Carecell