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We have come to the last week of worship at Millennium gardens. What kind of thoughts cross your mind? We have worshipped in this place for the last 28 years and it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbyes are always painful. The place carries so many memories. The prayer time, the miracles, the anointing sessions, the water baptisms, the Choir practices, the drama practice, the weddings, the baby dedications, etc., etc.  The church grew. Extra chairs were brought into the sanctuary, additional services were added to the Sunday morning service and host of volunteers joined in to meet the increasing demand.

As we look back I can think of so many things we prayed for and they amazingly happened. When we look back, we look at it with gratitude, not regret. Sometimes as we look back we think we could have done few things differently!!  

We are nostalgic when we think of some of the “lasts”. What about the Last Supper of Jesus? Can you remember the last words of some great people? I was so touched by last words of Thomas Edison. He said, “It is very beautiful out there."

We have come to the last week of being in Millennium gardens. 

·     Will you do something to make it memorable?Will you volunteer to help in the many activities that are planned for the whole month? 

  • Will you pray for a Greater Anointing, New Beginnings and Breakthroughs? 
  • Will you make a fresh commitment to reach-out to the community at large? 

Even as we look back with gratitude, lets work and look ahead with great anticipation. Greater things are still to come (John 1:50)! The latter days will be more glorious than the former days (Haggai 2:9)!

Looking Back with gratitude….Moving Forward with fortitude.