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Here’s all you've always wanted to know about Carecells.

What is a Carecell?

We're glad you asked! A Carecell is a small group of caring friends who will encourage you in life and your walk with God. CARE is the abbreviated form for Contact And Relate to Everyone. Besides worshiping God together on Sundays, wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of friends who would be available through the week for interaction and building one another? New Life Assembly Carecells reach out to family members, friends and colleagues in and around your neighborhood to enable sharing and fellowship.

What happens in a Carecell?

Every week, a small group (five to twenty persons) meets to encourage one another and look into God's Word together. This takes place in a casual setting, usually with light refreshment and fellowship.

What else can I expect in a Carecell?

A time of Praise and Worship, lively discussions, praying for one another with friends who really care.

Who can attend a Carecell?

Well, just about anybody and everybody. Carecells are for young and old, men and women, boys and girls alike. There's a place for everyone in a Carecell! Now that you have an idea of what Carecells are about, why not visit one in your area? For more information on Carecell locations click here or email to find Carecell nearest to you.